Project proposal: GV Author’s Deep Pool

1. Full name
Chris Moya
2. Global Voices sections to which you contribute
GV in English
Rising Voices
3. Publication date of your latest post or translation
Date: – 30/12/2011
4. Title of project
GV Author’s Deep Pool
5. Project representative (person who will sign award agreement and receive funds)
Chris Moya
6. Describe the proposed project as clearly as possible in five sentences or less
As an author I am always saving web links, CC images, tweets, videos into my text editor or similar. I propose to develop a “deep pool”, where any of us can save all of the resources that we find surfing the web into a globalized repository. It will be possible to separate the resources for an especific post and even share them with the community. It will be possible, also to create a profile getting data from GV wordpress database so it may be more personalized
7. What aspect or need of Global Voices does your project address?
This project is addresed to all the authors of GV and will make the process of preparing, compilation of interesting data and writting easyer.
8. How would the project further Global Voices’ mission?
It will create a huge database of resources that authors will use to write posts while helping them not to loose time while compilating all the resources they need to write a post.
9. What is innovative about your project?
GV community do not have a repository of resources shareable between us or that will help in our process of creating: web surfing –> saving/sharing interesting data –> writting a post
10. Which section of Global Voices would your project most benefit (if applicable)?
GV in English
Rising Voices
11. How would the wider GV community utilize and/or participate in your project?
Any author (or anyone) will have the possibility to create a repository with any useful resource they find while looking for info to write a post. Any member of the community will have the posibility to save/share a web resource with the rest.
12. List the other GV community members, if any, who will be actively working on the project. Please specify what role each person will play in the development of the project.
No Response
13. What additional resources or expertise, if any, would you need to complete the project?
As a senior web developer I think I can manage it by myself. A space into GV web server with PHP tech supported (GV WordPress is already based on PHP)
14. Describe the prospects for sustainability/continuation once the innovation grant funding ends
I think the project can become a huge database of GVers resources. Getting data from GV WordPress just to create the profiles automatically using BLTI technology (single-sign-on). Expand GV web site. Keep authors into GV web environment.
15. Please specify the timeline for the project, from start to finish
2 weeks — think tank – Previous design 6 weeks — Front end development 12 weeks — Back end development
16. Provide a detailed budget of up to US$5,000 for project costs. (Please try and present as accurate a budget as possible: applicants are encouraged to submit budgets for less than the maximum amount as smaller grants allow us to fund more projects)

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