We’re pleased to announce the four winners!

Georgia said:

We’re pleased to announce that the four winners of the first round of the GV Innovation Awards are as follows:

  • GV Multimedia Publishing (Bernardo Parrella) – 3.57 points
  • GV Goes Mobile (Claire Ulrich) – 3.58 points
  • GV—Filming our posts (Juan Arellano) – 3.77 points
  • Cojiro, a cross-lingual curation tool (Tomomi Sasaki) – 3.98

Please note that according to the method used to rank projects, a lower rating average = a more favourable response.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all who submitted proposals and to the 114 GV community members who voted! We shall soon be contacting the winners to refine and discuss project plans and budgets.

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