Update on the video project

With the appropriate apologies for not updating in months on this project, let me inform you. The most striking is that our first video has already been published, with English subtitles and everything, and it was part of a post on Global Voices in Spanish: Colombia: The “Lleras Law” and Content Creation

We are also pleased to announce that we have a blog: VideoActivo, where we are starting to post on topics related to video, such as advices, tips, contests and of course, our own videos also have a place there.

Additionally, we have created a YouTube channel, a Twitter account and a Facebook page. With all these tools we hope to bring together a community of people working with video in the region. More soon!

1 thought on “Update on the video project

  1. Janet Gunter (@JanetGunter)

    Hi Juan and video people! There was TONS of exciting discussion about video and the future of video and citizenmedia at #mozfest. Renata, Marta, Tarek (and others) attended these sessions. See what you can glean from the site http://www.mozillafestival.org, the Lanyard and the tweet stream #mozfest + video. Popcorn maker or Zeega.org could be a MASSIVE help to your project.


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