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GV Books is branching out…

Yes, in mid-February 2013 we opened accounts on some open access, sharing and popular platforms: the Internet Archive, Scribd, Issuu. We set up a nice profile and uploaded our two e-books in their various translations. Here below are basic statistics about reads & downloads after the first two weeks, along with some less accurate figures (for technical reasons) from the GV Books website (which received more than 500 visits since its inception on May 30, 2012).

GV Books:
– “EU in crisis” dwnlds in english: 40 pdf + 5 epub + 4 mobi
– “African Voices…” dwnlds in english: 22 pdf + 3 epub + 2 mobi

Internet Archive:
– “EU in crisis” (pdf): 11 dwnlds in english, 16 in arabic, 7 in spanish, 5 in italian, 5 in portuguese;
– “African Voices…” (pdf): 9 dwnlds in english, 7 in italian

– “EU in crisis”: 167 reads (+ 3 readcasts, 19 dwnlds) in english, 144 in arabic, 66 (+ 4 readcasts, 3 dwnlds) in italian, 50 (+ 1 dwnld) in portuguese, 29 (+ 1 readcast, 1 dwnld) in spanish
– “African Voices…”: 178 reads (+ 2 readcasts, 12 embed views, 1 dwnld) in english, 102 reads in italian

– “EU in crisis”: 7 impressions in english, 24 in arabic, 5 in italian, 3 in portuguese, 2 in spanish
– “African Voices…”: 38 in english, 4 in italian.

New e-book published!

As promised, on December 19, 2012, we launched our second e-book: “African voices of hope and change: a collection of 13 best posts (plus an original & broad introduction) from 2012 GV coverage of Sub-Saharan countries. It turned out a lovely and collaborative project indeed! Also underway is the Portuguese edition of our first e-book (EU in crisis), after the Italian, Arabic and Spanish versions — French will follow soon.

“GV Books” is happily growing!

Indeed: thanks to a broader community effort, our first ebook, EU in Crisis, in now available also in Italian and in Arabic — in the usual three formats (PDF, mobipocket, ePub). The Spanish version is coming soon, while Portuguese and French translators are quickly catching up.

In early December we plan to release our second English ebook: “African voices of hope and change” — keep an eye on our dedicated GV Books website. Muchas gracias everybody for making this project flourish!

“EU in crisis” ebook ready!

Another update to let everybody know that the Global Voices first e-book is ready (since early August 2012): EU in crisis, a collection of best material hand-picked from the on-going special coverage provided by our International team of dedicated citizen-reporters. Now you can download our ebook it in three different formats:

PDF (3,2 MB)
ePub (3,2 MB)
Mobipocket (2,8 MB)

More details on our GV Books webspace, which is the final development of the initial “GV multimedia publishing project” supported by this GV Innovation Awards. See you there!

“GV books” up & running!

As promised, here is our e-books webspace, devoted to the GV multimedia publishing project detailed earlier. Please get involved, post comments, and subscribe to the related mailing list! The plan is to develop this collaborative space to make available our upcoming, lovely e-books as they get ready and also create a gathering place around them, with on-going discussions, new resources/links, etc. We are currently moving forward with our first two e-books: Europe in Crisis and Forgotten Conflicts in Africa — to be introduced at the Nairobi Summit. The initial production stage covers listing and selection of best articles published on those topics up to May 31, 2012 on GV english (other languages will follow soon). For questions, suggestions, and to contribute please check GV e-books! See you there 😉

We’re pleased to announce the four winners!

Georgia said:

We’re pleased to announce that the four winners of the first round of the GV Innovation Awards are as follows:

  • GV Multimedia Publishing (Bernardo Parrella) – 3.57 points
  • GV Goes Mobile (Claire Ulrich) – 3.58 points
  • GV—Filming our posts (Juan Arellano) – 3.77 points
  • Cojiro, a cross-lingual curation tool (Tomomi Sasaki) – 3.98

Please note that according to the method used to rank projects, a lower rating average = a more favourable response.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all who submitted proposals and to the 114 GV community members who voted! We shall soon be contacting the winners to refine and discuss project plans and budgets.

Proposal: GV media publishing

Since its inception in December 2004, GV published a huge amount of material on a variety of topics, countries and languages. To date, just the GV English sites alone total over 75,000 posts long and many more have been published on each of the localized sites. Those archives are an important historical and cultural treasure and deserve broader dissemination, thus advancing GV’s mission of fostering “voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media.”

We should take advantage of the themes we’ve already covered, re-packaging and re-proposing our archived multimedia content, after a proper search of relevant posts/materials across countries, topics, languages. We could create electronic books, dossier and topic publications in a variety of formats (pdf, html, epub, mobipocket, etc.), containing a collection of the best posts/material, preceded by an ad-hoc introduction or short essay(s) to provide the proper context. In time we can build a unique catalog focused on citizen and social media material to be distributed/used on many occasions and in many venues. For example, we could create right away a “Global Voices 2011” or an “Arab Spring Voices” ebook including best posts on these topics already published on GV, enriching and adapting them accordingly.

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