About this discussion site

This is a discussion site built to give GV community members a space to discuss the Innovation Grants GV will be distributing to projects and tools that would help enhance Global Voices’ work or mission.

As you can see, the format allows for pitching an idea and receive feedback and comments from the community. The blog is a simple WordPress blog, and since it is on another subdomain, your regular GV accounts will not work. However, creating a new account is simple and I’ll promote all of the default accounts to author status so that there is no need for moderation or approval.

To register and post:

Posting discussions and comments on this site is open to all Global Voices community members. To submit a new topic you will need a user account.

You can Register a new account or Log in if you already have one.

Note that your posts will be moderated (“Submitted for review”) until your account is verified by one of the administrators.

Discussion and feedback:

Once you have registered, please present your ideas and invite fellow GV members to add comments for discussion. Even if you are not interested in presenting a proposal yourself, please see if there is an idea that you would like to help collaborate. Even adding comments or constructive criticism will help your fellow GVers fine tune their ideas. You can add tags to the posts making it easier for organization and classification.

Please note that the blog is not private, even though it is primarily meant for the GV community and those eligible to participate. (Remember: any member of the Global Voices community, including GV in English, Lingua and GV Advocacy, who has written or translated at least one post, and all Rising Voices grantees is eligible to participate. Proposals may be submitted by teams or individuals.) As the process continues and projects selected by the community vote, we’ll share the results and developments with the general public.

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