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GV – Filming our posts

My proposal is referred to how to increase our presence and use of video.

The intention is to create  Global Voices own videos through agreements with small independent video producers (individuals and organizations) in Spanish speaking countries. So these producers would be in charge of creating audiovisual material per request (Us specifying the subject and other requirements for the video).

The process of creating and publishing own video material through the alliance of Global Voces and video producers allows to include citizens’ voices from unrepresented communities or sectors on (and off) the internet and record their opinions about a specific matter, differently from the text.

The videos would be produced fortnightly (each time in a different country) as a base for GV articles. Articles that will be especially written by our authors from those countries.

Thus, our content will be dynamized and will feed our YouTube channel in order to enrich its image and attract new audiences.

Furthermore, to attract people interested in video production, a citizen video contest will be held during the project.

The project covers GV’s lack of own audiovisual material that would facilitate using  the whole potential video has in informing and spreading content through platforms such as Youtube.

The idea of the project can be replicated on other sites of Global Voices, and so the whole community can be involved and also contribuye with the sustainability and its continuance in time, sharing the produced videos and proposing alliances with other smaill video producters.

If this proposal is chosen, at the end of its period I will publish a Guide with its procedures and experiences as a way to help duplicate it in others GV sites, and to stablish a long term plan.